Death Rattle


Funeral director Neil Aldridge makes a living off others’ grief, but he’s at a loss when his wife, Anna, loses not only several pregnancies but her lust for life. Despite his attempts to lift her spirits, Anna leaves for work one day and doesn’t come home.

After Neil’s panicked race across Long Island to find her, Anna returns, acting like she never left. Except she doesn’t tell him she went to see her ex-best friend, Steph, a fiery redhead whose enduring love for Anna has jeopardized their marriage before. Nor did Anna tell him they’ve conceived again. A heated fight between the women reignites Neil’s fear that Steph’s feelings aren’t as unrequited as his wife has always insisted. But when Anna walks in on Neil’s autopsy of an infant corpse, they’re forced to reconcile with their history of conception—and abortion. Neil must extricate Anna from her despondency and remind her why they fell in love, or else he risks losing her for good.

DEATH RATTLE is an upmarket romantic drama novel that explores the shattered American Dream, reproductive rights, and faith. Currently querying agents.

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