Death Rattle


Funeral director Neil Aldridge could comfort the bereaved in his sleep, but he’s at a loss when it comes to his wife, Anna, who’s lost not only several pregnancies but her faith in life, God, and herself. Their desire for biological children has forced them to choose between the mortgage and food on the table. But Anna’s exhausted trying to keep them afloat, and Neil doesn’t realize she’s drowning until she takes off.

When she returns, Anna returns–the ebullient woman she used to be before the Sertraline and bloodstained sheets, a vivacious artist whose spirit relied upon her creative agency. Except Anna doesn’t tell him she went to the city to see her ex-best friend, Steph, whose enduring love for Anna has jeopardized their relationship before. Nor did she tell him they’ve conceived again.

Anna’s disappearance reignites Neil’s fear that Steph’s feelings for her aren’t as unrequited as his wife’s always insisted. Despite his desires to give her everything she desires and everything she deserves, Neil must come to terms with the fact that a baby might not be the only thing Anna and their marriage needs to stay above water.

DEATH RATTLE is an upmarket romantic fiction novel. Querying agents soon.

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