An image of a cemetery. In the foreground is an empty weathered wooden chair. Behind the chair is a headstone with a flowering plant in front of it. The grass is sparse.


Dear readers and friends, Today is a big day! Please join me in celebrating the publication of DEATH RATTLE: Chapter 1 in The Writing Disorder, an online literary journal! This excerpt is especially important to me because it is the oldest section of my novel–it pays tribute to the short story that DEATH RATTLE wasContinue reading “DEATH RATTLE: Chapter 1”

A photo of a cemetery. In the foreground are three headstones reading "Howell" and two reading "De Beauchamp." Two tall trees stand in the background, blocking the light of a setting sun.

Death Rattle

Funeral director Neil Aldridge is used to grief, but he stumbles when his wife, Anna, loses not only several pregnancies but her lust for life. The Aldridges work around the clock to abate the crushing costs of their mortgage, student loans, and fertility treatments. When they decide to pause their journey to parenthood, Neil believesContinue reading “Death Rattle”

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Double Publication Alert: Novel Excerpt & Literary Autobiography

Celebrate with me! My first Death Rattle excerpt was published today! This passage explores the protagonist’s difficulty with maintaining a relationship with his father under the constraints of working class life and the American Dream. Read “Neil Aldridge, Sr.” here. The literary magazine has also published my literary autobiography, “Escapes,” which you can read here.Continue reading “Double Publication Alert: Novel Excerpt & Literary Autobiography”

An image of a wooden tabletop from above. In the center, the image reads: "Death Rattle: Chapter 1. The Writing Disorder." Around the text lay a blue typewriter, an open empty notebook, a box of film slides, a pair of glasses, an old book, and a pinecone.

Upcoming Publication: The Writing Disorder

I’m pleased to announce that The Writing Disorder, an online literary journal, will be publishing the first chapter of my first novel, Death Rattle, in late September, 2020! I cannot wait for you all to read it! Thank you all for your overwhelming support and kindness. Click here to read Chapter 1 now. View all ofContinue reading “Upcoming Publication: The Writing Disorder”


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Hi! I’m Kristen. I began writing at age eight when my third grade teacher promised to turn any story we wrote into a “real book.” She may have only laminated the pages and bound it with a plastic spine, but I couldn’t get over the feeling of holding my very own book in my hands. Ever since then, I’ve been writing and plotting novels, but I failed to complete one until the spring of 2018, when I sat down to take another crack at a story that had puzzled me since 2011 and wrote 80 pages in a single weekend. That story became DEATH RATTLE, my first novel. I’ve hardly stopped writing since.

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