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Dear readers and friends,

Today is a big day!

Please join me in celebrating the publication of DEATH RATTLE: Chapter 1 in The Writing Disorder, an online literary journal!

This excerpt is especially important to me because it is the oldest section of my novel–it pays tribute to the short story that DEATH RATTLE was in 2013 while ultimately representing the growth and evolution of this story over the last seven years.

If you love suspense, crude humor, and having your heart broken, you’ll definitely want to check out this excerpt!

Click here to read Chapter 1 now.

DEATH RATTLE is a contemporary romantic drama novel, which explores the tumultuous marriage of Neil Aldridge (a funeral director) and Annabel Aldridge (an art teacher and artist) following their struggles with infertility and multiple miscarriages. Their relationship is further complicated by the re-entry of Anna’s ex-best friend, Steph, into their lives, for Neil suspects Steph’s feelings for Anna are not as unrequited as his wife has always insisted.

Read the full DEATH RATTLE synopsis here.

As always, thank you for all your support and kind words. I am forever thankful to my Twitter and Instagram Writing Communities.

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