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Today is a big day!

Please join me in celebrating the publication of DEATH RATTLE: Chapter 1 in The Writing Disorder, an online literary journal!

This excerpt is especially important to me because it is the oldest section of my novel–it pays tribute to the short story that DEATH RATTLE was in 2013 while ultimately representing the growth and evolution of this story over the last seven years.

If you love suspense, crude humor, and having your heart broken, you’ll definitely want to check out this excerpt!

Click here to read Chapter 1 now.

DEATH RATTLE is a contemporary romantic drama novel, which explores the tumultuous marriage of Neil Aldridge (a funeral director) and Annabel Aldridge (an art teacher and artist) following their struggles with infertility and multiple miscarriages. Their relationship is further complicated by the re-entry of Anna’s ex-best friend, Steph, into their lives, for Neil suspects Steph’s feelings for Anna are not as unrequited as his wife has always insisted.

Read the full DEATH RATTLE synopsis here.

As always, thank you for all your support and kind words. I am forever thankful to my Twitter and Instagram Writing Communities.

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Death Rattle

Funeral director Neil Aldridge is used to grief, but he stumbles when his wife, Anna, loses not only several pregnancies but her lust for life. The Aldridges work around the clock to abate the crushing costs of their mortgage, student loans, and fertility treatments. When they decide to pause their journey to parenthood, Neil believes the crisis has been averted until Anna leaves for work and doesn’t come home.

Anna returns three days later, apparently happier than she’s been in years. However, Neil’s relief is short-lived when she reveals that she spent her extended weekend with her fiery ex-best friend, Steph, a woman whose enduring love for Anna has jeopardized their marriage before. And she neglected to tell him that they’ve conceived again.

A heated fight between the women reignites Neil’s fear that Steph’s feelings aren’t as unrequited as his wife has always insisted. But when Anna walks in on Neil embalming an infant, they’re forced to reconcile with their history of conception—and abortion. Neil must extricate Anna from her despondency and remind her why she chose him over Steph, or else he risks losing her for good.

DEATH RATTLE is an upmarket contemporary fiction manuscript that explores the shattered American Dream, reproductive rights, and lives worth living. Currently querying agents.

Can’t wait for publication? Check out these DEATH RATTLE excerpts today:

“DEATH RATTLE: Chapter 1”

“Neil Aldridge, Sr.”

Double Publication Alert: Novel Excerpt & Literary Autobiography

Celebrate with me!

My first Death Rattle excerpt was published today! This passage explores the protagonist’s difficulty with maintaining a relationship with his father under the constraints of working class life and the American Dream.

Read “Neil Aldridge, Sr.” here.

The literary magazine has also published my literary autobiography, “Escapes,” which you can read here.

View all of my publications here.

Upcoming Publication: The Writing Disorder

I’m pleased to announce that The Writing Disorder, an online literary journal, will be publishing the first chapter of my first novel, Death Rattle, in late September, 2020!

I cannot wait for you all to read it!

Thank you all for your overwhelming support and kindness.

Click here to read Chapter 1 now.

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“A Body Bag Will Do”: The Misogyny of Lovelife’s “Your New Beloved”

“We aren’t platinum selling artists yet, so a hot girl in a body bag will do.” – Lee Newell, lead singer of Lovelife, to MTV (2013)

Yes, you read that correctly.

Spotify introduced me to this wonderful synth-pop band under a week ago with this track. I instantly gravitated toward the deep electronic waves – a sumptuous blend of vocals reminiscent of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” and a hauntingly tribal backbone. Taking the next step toward enjoying the song most fully, I called up its lyrics.

A type-2 composition: a break-up song. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet profound in itself.

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Spike Jonze’s “Her”: Critiquing America’s Love Affair with Hollywood


The world’s love affair with celebrities has gotten out of hand. I’ll admit that I’m a part of this massive head-over-heels, obsessive group of individuals (ranging from 12 to mid-fifties and beyond) that craves a three-hour block on Tumblr (or Reddit, or Buzzfeed), to scroll through images, GIFs, Avengers fan fiction, and even interviews with all of my favorite celebrities. I swoon, I cry, and I get excited over the smallest things — from a change in haircut and/or color to the news of a pregnancy, or another interview with an actor who this woman has worked with several times before. But what, exactly, am I swooning over? Who she really is? What that actor actually thinks about his co-worker? What I can only imagine he or she feels about the film and his or her costars? So how does Spike Jonze’s Her comment on all of this?

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(DEATH RATTLE excerpt)

The Writing Disorder

September 22, 2020

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(DEATH RATTLE excerpt)

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June 22, 2020

“ESCAPES: A Literary Autobiography”


Litbreak Magazine

June 22, 2020